Carmel Convent High School

Academic Year 2016 -17 ←

May 26TH & 27TH - The staff had a 2 - day orientation conducted by New Horizon Team which highlighted the love for nature, fellow human beings and the role of a teacher as a facilitator keeping in mind the vision of our foundress Mother Veronica.

May 30th - School reopens for STD VIII , IX and X

June 8th - A new initiative called Swach Carmel has been started and its inauguration was held on June 8th in the school auditorium.

The main objective was to save water and to make the school campus plastic free. Students of all section of VIII, IX and X presented their ideas in various creative ways. A pledge was taken by the students to carry forward the Swach Carmel Campaign.

June 10th. Investiture ceremony - The programme began at 9.15am with a prayer service. The chief guest was Dr.Tom Thomas , Director - Anthem Biosciences. The newly elected cabinet ministers took up their charge under the leadership of Adeline Riya Braggs , the School Pupil Leader and Lisa B , Assistant School Pupil Leader.

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