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Parental Co-Operation

parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline, by seeing that their children prepare their lessons daily, leave home for school on time and take active interest in the activities of the school.

Parents are responsible for the behavior of their wards in and outside the school premises.

Parents shall co-operate with the school authority for any disciplinary action taken against the misbehaviors of their wards.

The school authority will not be held responsible if any untoward incident takes place on account of the misconduct of the students.

Reports on the student's conduct, application and progress are issued by the school after monthly tests and after each Semester Examination.

After each evaluation programme parents will be notified of the date of the parents-teachers meeting, and they are expected to meet the class teacher/ subject teacher and sign the report card. Presence of both the parents is compulsory.

Parents are advised not to give any pocket money to the children while coming to school.

The engagement of private tutors may prove injurious to your child's real progress. No pupil is permitted to engage any school teachers as private tutors with the pervious permission and approval of the principal in writing.

Parents Are required to inform the school authorities in writing if the child suffers from any chronic ailment, allergy or any other illness.

Test and exams are compulsory. if due to illness one cannot attend, it must be reported to the principal immediately in written application with a medical certificate.

We discourage students from going to the shops before and after school hours to but stationery/sweets or to make phone calls. The parents are requested to meet all their needs.

As your daughter advances in age, guide her to become a resourceful and useful member of the home and country. Encourage self-help in work and study. Show her how to keep her room tidy, make her own bed, polish her own shoes, carry her own bags, etc. the formation of such habits early in the life will inculcate in her; the dignity of work, a fundamental personal virtue necessary for the successful career in life.

Absence from class for social and religious function is not recommended, because it retards her progress in studies, with consequent failure, and minimizes her respects for hard work.

As the medium of instruction in this school in English, your daughter should be helped to follow her classes easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular English conversation at home.

Speaking English is mandatory on the school premises.

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