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General Regulations School Uniforms

The school uniform is compulsory. The colour and pattern given by the school be strictly adhered to. Uniforms must be purchased from the school. Sweaters may be worn during the cold season. Sweaters of any other colour are not permitted. A party shirt, white skirt, white canvas shoes and white socks should be worn only for the drill and games.


Attendance on the first and last working day of the school after every vacation is compulsory. Absence on these days will entail action.

Punctuality for both sessions of daily classes is essential.

Absence due to illness should be intimated at once. Prior permission is required even for a short absence for social or religious functions. Long absence without intimation, will results in the student's name being struck off the roll.

Leave notes duly signed be the parents are to be written in the columns provided for this purposes in the school dairy. Reasons for leave should be specified clearly.

Late comers without written explanation from parents or guardians will not be admitted into the class.

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